Made of the Bay

Tankers on the Bay

Once a hugely productive center for shipbuilding, Pier 70 will restore and revitalize historic maritime industrial buildings as its creative core. All new structures are thoughtfully located to preserve the relationship between these historic buildings and the Bay.

Reclaiming the

Pier 70 will spearhead the regeneration of a patch of neglected San Francisco shoreline to create an urban waterfront destination open to the public for the very first time. The plans include building for the long term — protecting all buildings from predicted sea level rise in 2100. We are raising the grade of the site to elevate all new construction and including a long–term funding mechanism to support any necessary future improvements.

Strollers by the Bay
Swimmer adjusting swim cap
Fishermen on the Bay


As a major shipbuilding hub in the 19th and 20th centuries, the site remains one of the most intact industrial complexes west of the Mississippi. Inspired by the grand scale of its maritime origins, Pier 70 will rejuvenate this center of world innovation.

An Industrial

The historic buildings of Pier 70 form a rich architectural backbone that can spark inspiration at an extraordinary scale. Incorporating raw surfaces, soaring ceilings and gritty details — the architecture throughout the site is designed to leverage the industrial heritage as a catalyst for creative energy and innovation.

Building 12 window detail
Building 12 roof detail


As the heart of Pier 70, the open space plan merges maritime history with a natural setting on the waterfront. The public realm is built to experience the neighborhood’s creative character through an accessible network of parks and open spaces. The parks feature public art and events — inviting people to gather and lounge along terraced lawns, promenades and industrial-scale viewing pavilions with perfectly framed scenes of the Bay.