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San Francisco

At Pier 70, we are making a very San Francisco place. A place that embodies its history while envisioning its future.

In partnership with the Port of San Francisco, we see Pier 70 as an opportunity to celebrate core principles that have perpetually moved San Francisco. We are building and sustaining a space made of San Francisco: a place that puts creativity at the center, is open and inviting to all and which brings people closer to the Bay.

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Made of

Creativity defines our community, from artists to makers, designers to entrepreneurs.

Tanker on the Bay

Made of
The Bay

Pier 70 offers wide open access to the Bay. This patch of waterfront will be open to the public for the first time in over a century and connect with San Francisco’s Blue Greenway and the Bay Trail.

Group of people at Pier 70 event

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Pier 70 brings people together through inclusive events and open spaces built for a diverse and creative community.

Builders working at Pier 70


Pier 70 is a platform for diverse shared experiences across an integrated community of restaurants, art and maker studios, homes, offices and retail.