Made of Everyone

Crowd outside food truck

In the spirit of San Francisco’s history of openness and creativity, Pier 70 will offer event programming designed around diverse and inclusive experiences that engage the community. New homes, a third of which are affordable, will ensure a close-knit and eclectic community of friends and neighbors to support local retail and artisans.


Pier 70 has found inspiration from and engaged with the community from day one. Open houses, neighborhood events and focus groups provided a local perspective. Engaging an artist within the local community let us visually illustrate the soul of Dogpatch from the get–go. Every measure of the Pier 70 plan has been filtered through community input, which has informed the details and will continue to shape its success.

Farmer's market vendor and customer
Crowds eating outdoors
Children playing

A Hub of Activity,
All Year Round

We are committed to ambitious and inclusive programming at Pier 70 as a means to forge connections amongst neighbors — and to spark continued inspiration. Pier 70 will host a wide variety of events throughout the year that invite the city in to experience this sunny patch of waterfront.

Crowd at movie night

Homes and Studios

At Pier 70 we are making a place for all, with 30% of new homes being offered at below–market rate and engagement with local partners subsidizing permanent affordable art studios and maker workshops.

Workshop interior
Artist studio
Farmers market at Pier 70 rendering

Public Benefits

With Pier 70, we set out to plan and design a project led by public benefits, not just fill them in along the way. The opportunity to reopen the waterfront compelled us to start with parks and open space as the core, and build from there. We set out to stitch Pier 70 seamlessly into an already vibrant neighborhood and to retain the texture and grit of the site’s historic industrial past. The plans prioritize a pedestrian and bicycle friendly experience to support interaction and close community, while leveraging the area’s high level of accessibility — by ferry, train, light rail, shuttle and bus. We built our plans from the outset around caring for our community — through small business priority programs, subsidized homes and art studios as well as workforce development programs that support employment and training for San Franciscans across construction, retail and office work on site.