Made of Creativity

Gallerist arranging artwork

Pier 70 will be an epicenter of creativity — where art, making and innovation can thrive. Built around a hub of maker spaces in Building 12 and a new waterfront cultural arts center, events programming throughout the site will offer cultural experiences that inspire.

A Hub
for Making

Building 12 is a platform for creative thinkers. The raw, industrial facade and soaring ceilings that once housed the fabrication of steel hulls for ships will now promote a creative spirit across new industries. Entrepreneurs defined by a spirit of experimentation and the open exchange of ideas, will be the soul of Pier 70. Housing an eclectic mix of accessible maker spaces and local artisan retail, Building 12 is a springboard for a vibrant creative ecosystem.

& Culture

Affordable artist studios, a new waterfront arts center, a comprehensive public art program and inspiring public spaces are at Pier 70’s creative core. The artist enclave of the former Noonan Building, and the convictions that fostered it, will continue to call Pier 70 home — in new, permanently affordable space.

DJ artist and crowds
Ceramicist making pot


Cafés, restaurants and neighborhood retail will celebrate local craftspeople while offering groceries and services essential for our neighbors. The pedestrian friendly streets and nine acres of parks, welcome the community in to linger and explore.

Customer in cafe interior

into Dogpatch

Once home to shipwrights and ironworkers, industrious and skilled craftspeople yet reside in Dogpatch today — now purveyors of food and wine, brewers, butchers and makers of artisan goods. Pier 70 is reconnecting this historic and vibrant community to the waterfront.

Dogpatch street scene
Bartender and Dogpatch sign