Progress: July 2020

Dear Neighbors,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well. The health and safety of our construction teams and the community are the highest priority for the Pier 70 project. As COVID-19 developments evolve and construction continues on site, we remain vigilant and compliant with the directives from the City of San Francisco and State of California Public Health Orders. At Pier 70, the project’s general contractor has put rigorous health and safety measures in place to limit exposure between workers, maintain social distancing, and evaluate worker health, in alignment with the City of San Francisco Public Health Department, CDC and other guidelines. With these workforce safety measures in place, construction work progresses within and adjacent to the Pier 70 waterfront site, with highlights for July listed here.

Streets, Parks and Infrastructure

  • Construction of a new street network and infrastructure, which includes installation of curb, street base and utilities along Maryland, Louisiana, 21st and 22nd streets.
  • Water main construction by the San Francisco Water Department on 20th Street will involve shutting down water service for fire hydrant relocations and other piping work. The San Francisco Water Department will notify users if they will be impacted by the interruption in service.
  • Ongoing installation of fire hydrants and connections for the Auxiliary Water Supply System — a dedicated high-pressure water system for fighting fires. This work requires partial closure of 20th Street, between 3rd and Illinois streets.
  • Ground improvement work at Slipway Commons.
  • Installation of new sidewalk, curb and underground utilities on 20th Street, east of Illinois Street.
  • Upcoming vehicle road closure on 20th Street, east of Illinois Street, in August. Access to Pier 70 job site, Noonan Building and Historic Core will be rerouted to enter via 22nd Street.

Historic Building 12 Construction

  • Removal of non-structural elements and abatement work. During this period, the contractor will be conducting work in the evening in compliance with the City noise ordinance.
  • Construction of new structure steel frame, concrete foundations and roofing system.
  • Lowering of building onto new foundations.

*For all work that will take place outside the project perimeter fence line, traffic controls and flaggers will be used to ensure safe travel for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Pier 70 Waterfront Site Phase 1 Construction Area Outlined in Red

Access Routes to Noonan at 20th and Michigan Street



Noise Control: All construction activity detailed above is permitted under the Pier 70 Noise Control Plan and will be closely monitored to ensure approved levels.

Construction Hotline: Questions or concerns? Call us! To ensure that we can quickly address any unexpected issues during construction, we have created a construction hotline at 415-234-7464.


Four Month Look Ahead

A look ahead: View of 22nd Street