Listen in for this two-part installment for our Pier 2 Peer segment: The Sometimes Gritty, Always Great – Lesser told Stories of San Francisco.

On this #InternationalWomensDay we’re thrilled to share a super special episode of #Pier2Peer. Our Creative Director Marcy Coburn visited the studio of an artist whose connection to #Pier70 goes back generations. 
 Hear designer, sculptor and all around creative being Ruth Kneass share memories of her family’s legacy business Kneass Boat Builders and how it informs her vision.
In Part 1, Ruth recalls her Dad’s eye for unusual and useful objects. Hear how her Grandmother’s go-kart racing and her Mom’s creative endeavors emerge in Ruth’s own path as an artist.
In Part 2, we take a peek into the artist’s studio and illuminating process. Hear how Ruth has remained creatively productive during the pandemic.
Visit Ruth’s website to learn more: kneassboatworks.com